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Remington Seeds prides itself on being on the leading edge of seed production technology. State-of-the-art technology helps us create a superior product for our customers and a safer work environment for our employees.

Among the state-of-the-art technology utilized at Remington locations are:

Seed Corn Harvest and Drying

To prevent seed corn from freezing in the field, it is harvested early in the fall at significantly higher moisture content than normal commercial grain. Special care is taken to reduce seed damage during the harvest process by utilizing specialized harvesting equipment. Once at the facility corn husks are gently removed by specialized equipment prior to the seed being gently dried inside high air-flow and low temperature seed dryer buildings.

PLC Controlled Processing Equipment

As equipment becomes more and more sophisticated, so do the controls. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) are used to offer greater flexibility to operators over the production processes. This flexibility of control options offers Remington a better opportunity to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Gravity Tables

After cleaning and sizing the seed the next step in the conditioning process are the gravity separators. These machines are used to separate seed based on the weight/density of each seed. Heavy, denser seed will often germinate better and with more vigor than seed of lighter density. Using a series of gravity separators helps in providing the highest quality seed to our customers.

Color Sorters

Remington Seeds was one of the first seed production companies to universally adopt color sorting technology into conditioning processes. Color sorters have the ability to look at every individual seed to identify possible defects that might affect seed germination or seedling vigor. Seeds identified with defects are automatically removed.

High Precision Seed Treating Equipment

Seed treatment products have changed dramatically over the past several years. In order to meet the demand from farmers, seed companies have begun offering different seed treatment packages. These seed treatment products are very expensive and must be evenly applied at a very precise quantity. The ability to accurately apply these seed treatments at labeled rates is vital to ensuring adequate product performance while minimizing cost to our customers.

Automated Packaging Lines

The appearance of the final product including packaging is very important to Remington's customers. Automated packaging lines provide a very consistent finished product appearance.

Robotic Palletizers

Automated palletizers have been around the seed industry for quite some time, but Remington has been a leader in implementation of robotics into the process. Since Remington has a very diverse customer base, robotic palletizers allow for quick and easy reprogramming to meet the individual needs of each customer. Use of robotics also reduces the amount of manual labor and employee injury.

Proprietary Inventory Management system

Remington Seeds has developed a proprietary seed inventory management system in order to meet the various needs of our diverse customers, while also providing employees with the information essential to making sound business decisions for Remington Seeds. Like our overall business philosophy, this system was developed utilizing the "simplicity" principle. Unlike many other inventory management systems used within the industry where a general manufacturing inventory system is adapted to seed production, Remington's system was developed specifically for use within our unique seed business to meet the specific needs of our customers.